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Discounted Trial Access to AstrumU Tools for KC Chamber Members


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AstrumU Marketplace

A Marketplace where employers directly invest in students and schools for the future of work

AstrumU translates learning to working for better outcomes. Launched in the KC region with partnerships at a dozen top colleges and universities, AstrumU Marketplace provides employers tools to develop, attract and retain our region’s most valuable resource: people.

Leveraging big data and AI, AstrumU Marketplace makes building your talent pipeline and hiring future leaders simple. Employers identify talent at higher ed institutions and match with diverse candidates based on the soft skills, technical skills and experiences that predict success in your workforce.

  • License to ‘Kickstart’ trial of AstrumU Marketplace software tools
  • 6-month trial beginning September 2019 or later
  • 50% discount for Trial access ($1,000 now $500)
  • Waiver of minimum incentive spending ($4,000 min. now pay-as-you go)
  • Never any cost per hire–no transaction fees of any kind
  • Concierge service available to automate outreach based on employer demands
  • Just a one-hour call between employer team and AstrumU to get started

2019 Pilot Program

Discounted Trial Access to AstrumU Tools for KC Chamber Members.
Available starting with President’s and Leadership Circle Members.

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Offer Valid: August 19, 2019December 31, 2019
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